We make every effort to see your sick child
on the same day you make an appointment


If you prefer to see a specific provider, please ask about the availability when you call for the appointment. If they have an opening, you will be scheduled to see them. Otherwise you will be scheduled to see the first available provider.

Our practice relies heavily on nurse practitioners, especially for same day appointments. They are very skilled and can manage most situations independently. If there is a more serious question or concern, they will consult with one of the pediatricians.


Evaluation for Attention Deficit Disorder

Our providers have a great deal of expertise in the evaluation and management of ADHD. We appreciate having some information from both parents and the child's teachers to utilize in our evaluation prior to the first consultation appointment. 

We have forms you can pick up or we can send to you. You should anticipate that this appointment will be lengthier than a well child visit and is attended by both parents if necessary.

Download Parental Permission for Adolescent Care Form